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Lunde 26 December 2002 19:35

Swos 97-98 wanted
please help me.
looking for swos 97/98 either the update disk or
swos 97/98 as standalone

please help me someone:sad

Lunde 27 December 2002 11:50

never mind found it myself

blackcornflake 27 December 2002 19:01

Strange, I didn't think such an edition existed for the Amiga.

As far as I understand, the latest official edition available is 96/97. The version's exact title is SWOS v1.52 (v2). Would it be possible for you to post with some info on the version you have found, please?

Lunde 28 December 2002 13:17

what i forund was an updated hd version of swos 96/97
with the unofficial 97/98 udpdate found on aminet
well,good enough for me :lol

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