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Apollo 14 June 2013 19:09

SECTION statement and the CHIP/FAST attribute
Is it true that there is no kind of a 'fallback' declaring a section to be located in fast mem, e.g.

section myCode,code,fast
So, it won't be automatically located into chip mem? So, is there an order declaring it only as

section myCode,Code
Takes fastmem precedence over chipmem regarding the latter section statement? Sorry for asking this, but I didn't found precise information.

StingRay 14 June 2013 19:58

if you declare _F or fast (depending on the used assembler), the section in question will be loaded to fast memory, if no fast mem is available, an out of memory error will occur. If you omit the _F/fast specifier, the section will be loaded to fast mem if available, otherwise chip mem will be used.

Apollo 14 June 2013 21:41

Thank you. Question is answered.

Photon 15 June 2013 19:18

For completeness:

_P (or omitted): fastmem if available, else chipmem
_F: fastmem, forced
_C: chipmem, forced (for data accessed by custom chips, such as graphics, samples, copper lists).

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