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JDigital 12 April 2007 23:18

PC2Amiga problem again!
I'm trying to get PC2Amiga to work, but to no avail. I've followed these instructions, but they haven't helped:


I'm using PC2Amiga in Windows XP SP2 with an A1200 running Workbench 2.1 (lost the original Workbench disks!) and the same cable listed in the article I linked (which I am randomly guessing to be a 4W Laplink). When I mount on the Amiga side and try to "dir PC:", the Amiga sort of hangs in an odd way; I close the CLI window and the icons below where the window used to be don't reappear.

I've read the past threads but to little avail. Solutions?

mr_0rga5m 13 April 2007 14:44

All i can say is read from this post onwards ..

It's not great but it works if you've no other solution.


mr_0rga5m 13 April 2007 14:47

Ahh i see from reading the wikipost that it says to open 2 sessions of pc2am like in the post i linked.

er ... if its not working still maybe its SP2. Coz i think we were all using pre-SP2 in those posts, and didnt SP2 cause a few problems with locking down stuff?.


JDigital 13 April 2007 23:10

I even tried UserPort, which had some effect - debug output gave more letter Ts and the Amiga didn't hang - but it still seemed not to let me mount the PC disk on the PC side, unless it was just being ridiculously slow.

I ordered a null modem cable and downloaded Cloanto's Amiga Explorer; this should work better.

ppill 13 April 2007 23:32

You could modify the cable a bit and try Paradise. Still using parallel for transfers but a bit less friendly to use (Cli/Shell). Check this thread for details.

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