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NovaCoder 08 February 2013 08:33

MagicMenu Task Priority
This is not a biggy but I noticed that if I set the task priority to -1, MagicMenu seems to hog the right hand mouse button in games (MagicMenu itself still works just fine in WB).

I tried using the Prefs program (don't hog mouse, verify patches, fix patches) but nothing seems to help.

It shouldn't really need to be run as priority 0, anyone know why it does this button hogging?

daxb 09 February 2013 12:15

What is the problem? Could you give an example game where the problem occurs. The only problem I know is when a game use right button for a dropdown menu then it could freeze. Workaround is to press and hold Ctrl key then use right button to disable magicmenu.

NovaCoder 10 February 2013 10:42

In AmiQuake it's not receiving the right button down event if I set MagicMenu's priority to -1

Maybe I'll try setting AmiQuake's priority to +1, that might work.

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