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fc.studio 06 December 2009 23:32

def_disk.info, def_Kick.info and def_CF0
Please consider an A600 (KickStart 37.300, WorkBench 2.1) with MagigWB, but no NewIcons installed.

When I insert a floppy disk without its icon the MagicWB icon of def_disk.info in the prefs/env-archive/sys is correctly shown.
But when I insert a NODOS disk I get the standard (ROM?) old WB icon.
Is it possible to change this?

What's the use of def_kick.info in the prefs/env-archive/sys?
No relationship with def_disk.info?

Finally, I would like to have a specific MagicWB icon for a compact flash in the PCMCIA port (instead of the icon of def_disk.info I get at the moment)? Is it possible on such a system?

Thanks for your helps.

adolescent 07 December 2009 04:33

Can you try def_df0.info (or whatever device name). I think that works but I don't have an old system to try.

fc.studio 09 January 2010 21:06

I can't get this working.
Can anyone help?

thomas 09 January 2010 21:32

You get def_disk.info for every DOS disk and def_kick.info for every NDOS disk. There is no other possibility without additional software.

fc.studio 09 January 2010 23:49

Thanks, but since it's possible to change the image of the def_disk.info, do you know if this is possible for the image of def_kick.info in WB2.0/2.1?. I would like to have a MagicWB image for the def_kick.info. Perhaps I don't use the right tool to copy/intall it. Any suggestion?

P.S.: ClassicWB_GAAE works like my customized WB:
1) the MagicWB def_disk image appears for a DOS disk (obviously only if this disk hasn't its disk.info saved) or for a just formatted one.
2) the classic black/white WB image for the NDOS disk appears for a NDOS disk inserted but, differently vs. my config., ClassicWB_GAAE hasn't a defined def_kick.info or def_NDOS.info in Prefs/Env-archive/Sys.

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