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Drake1009 19 July 2004 11:27

Where has the info gone?
Finally a game on HOL seemed to catch my attention (been a while since I randomly browsed it) and so I went hunting for it, but without much luck. So in the last place I went here to look for the FAQ on how to find stuff....where has that one gone?

I would like to request that FAQ back, that and / or a link to a place where I might be able to find Marbleous 1 and 2.

Dalai 19 July 2004 12:56

Click the ">> FAQ <<" button at the top left there. ;)

Drake1009 20 July 2004 19:44

Heheh. DUH!!! Well I guess I was too accustomed to thinking it would be sticky in this forum seeing as how most people don't read the FAQ anyway I thought it'd be here to at least have a chance at catching people's eyes.

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