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ricky500 09 June 2014 04:02

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Yeah, I know this game is kind of lame and obscure, but has anyone managed to actually win this game? :confused

Does the organ in Captain Nemo's study do anything? While playing this game when I was younger, I always thought that pressing a certain combination of keys would open a secret passage or something - maybe it really has no point other than being a red herring?


I managed one time to finally figure out how to escape the Nautilus and get back to civilization. (You have to go to the deck at a certain time and then click on the horizon to swim away) The game showed a scene of me giving a talk about it before a group of scientists but no one believed my story - and it said something about lacking evidence - I'm guessing that I needed to collect more information while playing the game to verify my story?


The only thing I can guess in order to collect more information is that I have to use the map to trace the journey of the Nautilus?

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