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Yod@ 18 April 2010 02:55

Can I use an A4000D motherboard in a tower?
Hi chaps,
I have an A4000T which sadly had a motherboard damaged beyond repair by a leaky battery.
So far I've been unable to find a replacement A4000T board, but I've seen a number of desktop boards for sale.

I've never actually had an A4000D motherboard in my possession, is it possible for me to use a D motherboard in a tower? From what pictures I can find, it seems as though I'd just need to wire up connectors from the joystick/mouse ports to the back panel of the tower, is that right?

Should my existing CPU board (Phase 5 Cyberstorm MkII) and RBM Zorro 3 bridgeboard work ok?

rkauer 18 April 2010 03:14

I don't think the A4000D mobo will fit in the A4kT tower, the connectors are in different location and only desoldering all output connectors from the A4kD and wire they up to the correct locations in the tower may help.

The accelerator and Zorro cards will fit without much hassle, although the 4000D have a vertical daughterboard that will not align with the tower backplate.

Grab another tower intended for the A4000D and keep the 4kT tower for a day when you locate a replacement motherboard.

Yod@ 18 April 2010 03:27

Thanks for the quick reply.

Could I ask some kind person to take pics of their A4000D motherboard please so that I can compare it to my case to see exactly what issues I would be facing?

Many thanks!

Yod@ 18 April 2010 03:36

Oops, just had a closer look at my A4000s and it seems that they actually have an A4000D board mounted in a case with two adapters to connect the mouse/joystick ports to the back panel of the case.

So it looks like an A4000D board will be fine. :)
Thanks for the help!

thomas 18 April 2010 12:13


Originally Posted by Yod@ (Post 662012)
Could I ask some kind person to take pics of their A4000D motherboard please


Yod@ 18 April 2010 12:53

Yeah thanks, I only remembered about Amiga Hardware after I'd already posted, I checked the pics and realised that a D board is what had originally been in the tower anyway. :)

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