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Jherek Carnelia 12 March 2002 20:46

Viper 68030 @ 28MHz + 68332 FPU
I have been offered a Viper 68030 @ 28MHz + 68332 FPU for a very reasonable price (£30) - it has no memory with it but I think its probably a bargain. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of these cards before I part with my cash?

TikTok 12 March 2002 22:23

It sounds a bargin to me. However I do believe that on some of those cards you have to be careful as to what memory you use (if you are planning to add memory) because they only take certain types of SIMM (single sided I think). There was another thread on this issue (memory) but I can't find it atm.

oldpx 12 March 2002 22:29

I tried five different memory modules until I found a working one for my blizzard 1230-IV, so be careful.


Jherek Carnelia 12 March 2002 22:44

Thanks for the info guys. Eyetech are selling mem simms which they say are tested especially for Amigas, I think I will get some from them (it's a bit more expensive, but hopefully will work first time! - I'll keep you posted).

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