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akis 20 December 2001 20:01

Mac emulation
does anyone know where to find the mac operating system (if Ianyone can call that thing operating system) for use with shapeshifter?

oldpx 20 December 2001 20:37

Old versions of macos should be freely downloadable from mac.com but it was a long time ago


Akira 20 December 2001 20:44

Yes you can download up to System 7.5.5 (or was it 7.6?) from Mac's site. However I dont know how youre gonna use those in an emulator (they work a treat on my Classic II :D)

akis 20 December 2001 21:11

what do you mean akira?

RetroMan 20 December 2001 23:18

Btw. is it true, that the last MacOS system you can use on Shapeshifter and Fusion is 8.1 ???

Akira 21 December 2001 18:15

I mean the OS comes in disk images that you have to mount on your MAc hard drive. This means you will need a previous version of the OS, afaik.

retro, yes, 8.1 it is. I saw it running in 1997 under Fusion. Have you tried the PowerPC version of Fusion?

RetroMan 21 December 2001 18:18


Nope, I only use Fusion on my A1200 :D

Akira 21 December 2001 18:38

How does it run? Compare it to your IIsi please :)

RetroMan 21 December 2001 18:53

Runs on a 1230@50Mhz as fast as the 020@20Mhz in my real Mac :D But it´s not a fair contest, cause on my IIsi is MacOS 7.1 running :) cause it only got a 80MB SCSI HD ....

akis 22 December 2001 01:47

thanks all of you I'll try to download a mac os version and install it on my hard drive and then use shapeshiftre.I didn't perfomed it with my real amiga and I want to do it now through emulation!what can one say....
thanks again :)

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