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DDNI 09 April 2006 00:35

EAB Zone
Hi, just wondering if it is possible to see how many times a file has been downloaded from the Zone.

many thanks

DamienD 09 April 2006 00:47


I don't believe so. Maybe the moderators can check some log, not sure if one actually exists though :confused

quahappy 09 April 2006 01:03

Why do files in The Zone "live" for so many days before they are removed?

Oooops... sorry DDNI, didn't mean to tread on your toes! What I also meant to have ask was, is there a database of all the files that has been uploaded to The Zone since the day EAB was born?... and yep, would be nice to know what the most popular downloads have been.

DamienD 09 April 2006 01:17

Hey guys,

I believe that question this was answered the other day in some other thread... Think about it, if files live forever in The Zone!, then soon the storage space would amount to something out of control. Space / Usage = Money...

We are not paying the costs, but some kind gentleman is i.e. RCK.

RCK, thank you for the taking care of this great forum, providing a great environment for all to contribute and keeping the spirit of Amiga alive :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown

Maybe RCK can answer your questions about statistics ;)

quahappy 09 April 2006 01:27

Thanks DamienD...... guess I ask too much sometimes LOL. I fully understand the implications to this site if too many files were in The Zone, causing slowdown and overload, etc....

This site is this BEST for ALL info and help and can't thank all you guys enough!

RCK....... You rock.... may the Amiga live on forever!!!

DamienD 09 April 2006 01:46

Amen :agree

Muzkat 09 April 2006 09:49


Originally Posted by quahappy
and yep, would be nice to know what the most popular downloads have been.


quahappy 09 April 2006 10:01

I bought a couple of them back in the late eighties(?) from a "computer club", the bloke reminded me of Del Boy and was told the pictures shows off the Amiga graphics really well.....the bloody thing had a virus on it!!
I didn't know what they were then.....I was young..... honest!!! :laughing ;)

Getting back to The Zone though..... Been some real rare gems on it like Dirty Cash which someone recently asked for.

:bowdown :bowdown

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