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Methanoid 24 January 2004 23:05

Deuteros & Millenium 2.2
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Anyone remember these as fondly as I do???

Well here's some info... a concept design was touted around for a remake 2004 stylee...

It went round some publishers but didnt get picked up (well not yet anyway)... but I have a friend working in one of those (well he did at the time) who managed to grab some goodies for me about this (knowing I am a fan)...

I'm wondering how to help this one get published if poss....

Here is one of the many pics I have - I also have a video that was used in the promo.... very nice I must say. Apparently it was to be an online game as well....

If anyone is interested I can post a few more.... ?

OSH 31 January 2004 10:42

Oh. my God!
Where you found this picture??

Methanoid 31 January 2004 11:15

I'd like to say but.... ;)

Anyway I've just set up a Deuteros Yahoo Group and will send some invites out shortly. I'll be posting info there about it in due course.


OSH 31 January 2004 12:03

I will be waiting:)

Dr. Dude 31 January 2004 12:33

Ah deuteros and millenium 2.2
Thay don't make then like that these days.
:D My best score are Millenium is 99.9%.
:D Done whit Deuteros in 1 day (non stop)

:eek My REAL deuteros disks are to badly hit.
And the Amiga won't take the disk i made from the adf.
Deuteros holds a powerfull copy protection. (the real disks then).

Ah well on WinUAE it runs better. (if you get the config good):D

Methanoid 02 February 2004 14:28

I have originals of deuteros on Amiga and ST and Millenium 2.2.

love these games to bits.

Just got a "cracked and fixed for Falcon 030" Deuteros for my Atari Falcon 030 and have someone one disking it for me.

hal 02 February 2004 19:39

ah yes

love millennium2.2
(yes yes you can't really lose that game)

though i found deuteros a bit too hard
but a good game even if i haven't completed it (yet)

nice designs of the interface too i'd have to say i still found the fish skeleton looking spaceships not too appealing (yes that'll be all of them spaceships)

i wonder what happened to ian bird
hear he's disappeared from the face of the planet (like so many other names) maybe he died

Methanoid 02 February 2004 19:51

1 Attachment(s)
Ian's around and working. Ian would be doing the new M22 for 2004 if it had got picked up by a publisher.

Here is another teaser...

Dr. Dude 02 February 2004 19:58

:eek WOW.....*faints* :sleep

Sheez, that looks great.
Whare can i put game idea's? :lol

Methanoid 02 February 2004 20:28

http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/deuterosgroup/ :D

Dr. Dude 02 February 2004 20:52

:D Hey don't i know that?
Hmmmmmm, oh yeah, i am member of that Cool group:cool

OSH 03 February 2004 10:07

I hope, that this game will realease also on Pegasos/AmigaOne:)

Methanoid 03 February 2004 10:11

Well its not going ANYWHERE right now... but even if a publisher did grab it then I would be surprised if it made it to Amiga in any form to be honest.

PC/XBox are v similar so likely. PS2 is a must these days for volume. Mac is pushing it. Amiga/Pegasos.. no chance!!

IMHO only of course....

I'd be happy if it got onto ANY format! :(

Dr. Dude 03 February 2004 10:21

:cool Bring out Deuteros again.
This time whit better graphics....NO,make them like the best ever.
More things going on. < make it a bit harder.
The hard part now is only starting the damm war, < when he first pays a visted.
After that, hey sit back and take your time:laughing

FromWithin 03 February 2004 12:11

Anybody played this?


Dr. Dude 03 February 2004 13:45

:confused nope.
whare can i get a demo?
or even better a full version

Methanoid 03 February 2004 14:15

try eDonkey/eMule/Overnet/Gnutella/Shareaza/Kazaa or whatever P2P U like....

OSH 04 February 2004 13:58

I have one question: where is located the homepage of this group??. I've searched on Yahoo but I've found nothing...

Methanoid 04 February 2004 14:14

The page is in the link in my sig but the website is/will be www.deuteros.co.uk

OSH 04 February 2004 14:23


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