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dreamkatcha 16 November 2020 12:34

Customised Lemmings
Batted back and forth via Amiga Power's letters section there was a long-running 'suggest a novelty Lemming' meme. In honour of that, erm, fructiferous challenge, allow me to introduce the Trump Lemming...

A level ends in failure because the stats 'insinuate' you've not rescued a sufficient number of suicidal critters. Up pops the Trump Lemming to demand a recount, blotting out our view of the options with a confrontational grimace. Nothing short of a 'success!' message can persuade him to quit screen-squatting.

Then there's the Boris Johnson Lemming...

Flustered and dishevelled, he trundles along the platforms attempting to talk himself into one designation or another.

"I'm a blocker, er, um, no, I'm a bridge-builder, er, build-back-better, erm, I'm actually a climber. Face, space, something about hands, happy birthday. No, I better ask the missus to make sure."

Obliviously, he then walks off a cliff edge mid-phone call, twiddling with his overgrown fringe in befuddled ambivalence while hell burns.

Your turn...

Gorf 16 November 2020 14:34

The Biden Theme:
the Lemmings in that level are constantly forgetting, what task they where given and/or fall suddenly asleep.
Instead of "Oh no!" they shout "C'mon man!".

The Angela "there is no alternative" Merkel Theme:
you can only ever choose of one single option at a given time ... makes the game extremely boring, but what else would you expect....

The Kim Yong Un Theme:
the Lemmings all have a fancy new hairstyle ... you can choose exactly one Lemming to be in Un-Mode: a little bit shorter but twice as wide... not walking but rolling.
The rest of the options: rockets... all kinds of rockets.

The Putin Theme
the landscape is a winter-theme, with elements of a chess-board, Tetris, some old Lenin-statues in the background ....
there are "friendly" and "hostile" Lemmings and you have to fight the hostile Lemmings with kalashnikovs, poison and judo...

CodyJarrett 16 November 2020 14:54

Can you please keep the Lemmings non-political? It's a big no-no on the EAB (https://eab.abime.net/faq.php?faq=ea...faq_eab_banned).

It usually ends in arguments and the EAB is a place to escape from the real world for a while!


Gorf 16 November 2020 15:38

Ok, sorry for that!
(did not see it as partisan political but just as making fun of the ruling class per se...)

CodyJarrett 16 November 2020 15:44

Incidentally, some of my Lemmings-in-the-style-of art appeared in issue 30 of Amiga Power (page 66):


dreamkatcha 17 November 2020 12:35

LOL. I'd forgotten they'd stepped it up a gear. That's really thrown down the gauntlet... now where did I leave my brushes and easel? :D

Must remember to stick to non-partisan mickey-taking nonsense in future though, sorry.

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