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Lektroid 17 August 2020 04:12

Intellivision Amico
Ok, maybe not Amiga news, but certainly retro gaming news, which is why most of us are here, isn't it?

I just stumbled upon the Amico special event on Youtube which was aired a few days ago, and surprised to see no mention of it here on the forum, at least when I did a search for "Amico", nothing came up...

This looks like an awesome console with a totally retro vibe, which I'm sure many here will be interested to see...


dreadnought 17 August 2020 11:42

When I've first heard about it, it sounded like an interesting idea - 2D focused console with strong retro roots.
But now that we've actually seen the design and games, there's nothing enticing about it for me. I don't get the "retro vibe" at all - the console itself looks very bland, like something you'd find in the bathroom or kitchen. Worse yet, all the games I've seen so far (maybe with exception of Breakout) look totally insipid too, no different from zillion others already made in Unity or available on Android.

They are aiming for casual market, and some die hard Intellivision fans, but I belong to neither camps. With that 250USD price tag they might struggle a bit even with that wide demographic.

stainy 17 August 2020 14:41

I`ve liked the look of this since I first saw it. I love the idea of local multiplayer, games costing $10 ish and the 'just' fun aspect of the games I`ve seen.

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