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k38fmc 25 March 2006 19:11

How to get Amiga Format issue 3 cover disk?
Can anyone help me getting hold of a downloadable version of Amiga format cover disk issue 3 sept/oct. I downloaded an .adz file for that cover disk from Nth dimension... http://nthdimension.emuunlim.com/ but it only seems to have the xenon 2 demo and not the other bits and pieces (im after a music demo by Allistair Brimble)

Chain 25 March 2006 19:34

in da Zone

sarek2k 26 March 2006 01:21

@k38fmc what brimble music demo was it cause i like his stuff too!

k38fmc 26 March 2006 16:59

Cant be the full cover disk on that .adz file??!
Thanks 4 the reply but i am no nearer getting it. Am i doing something stupid or wrong? When I download the .adz file and load it into my emulator it runs straight into the xenon 2 demo game without any options to load the other music demo or utilities that are on that months cover disk. Have they not been put on that .adz or am i doing something wrong?
The music part of the demo for the guy who asked is called amigafor.mod and can be found at:
Just want the picture that goes with it now... daft just for a pic but its becoming a bit of an obsession!!!:nuts

Galaxy 26 March 2006 23:43

You need to access the disk from Workbench rather than auto-booting it. This is true of all the early Amiga Format coverdisks - they boot direct into the demo on the disk and the other contents you need to load up workbench first.

k38fmc 27 March 2006 12:39

thanks galaxy, that worked a treat :)

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