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HanSolo 17 February 2017 13:22

icon.library_polish have requesters in polish language.

PeterK 01 March 2017 08:57

The icon.library 46.4.450 has been released on Aminet:


Akira 08 March 2017 00:37

Thanks Peter for your hard work!

I ran into a newb question, I knew this before but I somehow forgot/got confused now...

So the demo ADF installs NewIcons in memory. What is this for?
If I remove it from the s-s, borders appear.
Was there a way to remove icons without using NewIcons? I want to get rid of thatt daemon because I just want to use your library.

PeterK 08 March 2017 01:35

The reason why I'm using the NewIcons patch is indeed to make OS3.5 icons transparent without a gray background. No other tool for removing borders is able to achieve real transparency, AFAIK.

My icon.library has no feature to achieve real icon transparency under OS 3.0/3.1. And there seems to be nothing except the NewIcons patch being able to do that. If you find something, please tell me about it.

Akira 08 March 2017 17:14

OK I get it, I thought there was an option to do it without it. It's been a while since I set it up and now I was redoing my Workbench and set it up from scratch, and was wondering why I couldn't make it work!

So with the NewIcons patch on, it works even on 3.0. :great

One more thing I've been noticing and probably an issue of Swazinfo but hoping you encountered it too and know how to work around it: sometimes, mostly or exclusively with NEwIcons, when I try to change the m to something else like a GlowIcon, after I hit SAVE nothing happens, the icon remains the old NewIcon. I have to delete the .info file and copy a new one but that erases all the tooltypes. Is this a known bug of Swazinfo?

PeterK 08 March 2017 22:05

No, it's not a bug of SwazInfo, it's more a security feature not to change the images on WB 3.0/3.1, because that would destroy these images, since planar icons don't have any palette information. After a reboot you would see wrong colored icons. SwazInfo is required for changing tooltypes etc.

If you want to swap icon images you have to use the supplied CopyIcon tool.

Akira 09 March 2017 15:43

Yeah I tried Copy Icon afterwards, after forgetting I had it, and it worked in most cases. But sometimes it would still refuse to change an icon, and I double checked the .info file for write protection and there was none. Really puzzled.

Thanks Peter, I love how the system looks, and it's all thanks to your library.

PeterK 09 March 2017 16:59


Originally Posted by Akira (Post 1145743)
But sometimes it would still refuse to change an icon .... Really puzzled.

Strange, I've never had that case. But usually I'm working with OS3.9 and not 3.0. You could check the tooltypes of CopyIcon and read the CopyIcon doc for the description of their function.

I could imagine two tooltypes to be responsible for refusing to change an icon:

DROPPLANAR: do not save the oldstyle/planar icon images.
CHANGEONLY: only change icons of the given type (project, tool, disk, drawer, garbage). Leaves all other icons unchanged.

Akira 09 March 2017 17:04

I'll look into that, thanks!

Retrofan 09 March 2017 19:08

For what I've seen, when you can't use right CopyIcon you can open the icon information of the icon you want to change and move the icon you want to have over that image that it is showing.

PeterK 09 March 2017 21:00

Hi Retrofan,
please think twice before you make such kind of suggestions. ;)

You can't use Icon->Information under WB 3.0/3.1, because these old WBs just know the oldstyle planar icon format, and thus they would destroy(cut off) all of the extended OS 3.5 DiskObject structure data when you use that Icon->Information for saving. This is the reason for replacing it with SwazInfo. SwazInfo never destroys your OS 3.5+ icons. You also can't use the old IconEdit for the same reason, of course.

Did you install AutoUpdateWB in your WBStartup drawer, too ?

Retrofan 09 March 2017 21:06

I use OS3.9. Yes, I should have told. That's what I use in those cases that works for me, but I don't know what the problem can be with OS 3.1

Akira 09 March 2017 21:58

If you don't know what the problem could be, do not suggest "solutions" that will not work.

Peter: Nope, I don't have that tool, I try to keep my system to a minimum (hence why I wanted to skip NewIcons if at all possible)

PeterK 09 March 2017 22:09

In case that you want to try out AutoUpdateWB, you will need the version from IconDemoADF which I modified to support OS 3.0/3.1.

But now I've seen your other new thread about the problem to save window positions, and that means you seem to have a general issue with saving some things on your Workbench. I've no idea yet what the reason could be.

Akira 09 March 2017 22:13

Yes, I need to weed this out, the problem might be deeper and not at al related to some icons. But in either cae, it was never a problem of your library, so don' t worry about this one, it' ll be for me to figure out what is going on!

Now related to this, I think I already ruined some icons, because when I increase the Workbench color count, a lot of them have wrong colors. The ones I replaced using CopyIcon from the GlowIcons CD work fine, and the ones that are unofficial/fan made GlowIcons (which I downloaded from Aminet) all seem to be wrong, which I copied before using SwazInfo with drag and drop.

PeterK 09 March 2017 22:27

Whenever you change the screenmode under WB 3.0/3.1 you will see wrong colors until you save the new screenmode and reboot. That's again caused by the old WB, because it will not reload the icons like WB 3.9. The new screen palette won't fit to the old planar images anymore.

Of course, you'll need my modified CopyIcon from Stephan Rupprecht which is included in my Aminet package or on the IconDemoADF.

Akira 09 March 2017 22:38

I think I am using all the tools you provided in your package and not teh stuff downloaded off Aminet. Gotta check though!

I did notice PatchWB and PatchRAM do nothing, and that might be related to the KS being 3.0. I really need to make my own 3.1 ROM once and for all and stop fucking around with this 3.0!

Akira 10 March 2017 04:41

Bad news Peter, my issue with windows not saving positions goes away as soon as I disable your library :sad

I realized this when after having loaded my full WB once, I reset to a system with no startup-sequence and of course, all icons showed properly because your library was resident in memory. And then I tried to reproduce my steps and the issue happened again, and made me realize it was possible the library was at fault. Commented it out from SS after a hard reboot, and the problem went away :( .

There is something else I noticed, when your library is on, doing Window->Snapshot->Window makes the screen refresh funny, when your library is on, nothing blinks. I recorded two videos to show you what I mean, because I sound like an idiot trying to put it in words :P

Here is what happens when icon.libary isn't loaded:

Here is what happens when it is loaded:

I collected some info from SnoopDOS but I don't know if it's any good, let me know if you need anything else from me to help you go through this, if it's worth it at all.
Let's remember my ROM is 3.0 so it might be that creating the issue, I dunno. I don't want to drive you nuts with a one-off crazy situation. You let me know if this is worth investigating and how I can help you do so.

[Snoopdos stuff removed by Peter's request]

For the record: I recently updated to your final public version of the library, I don't recall having this issue before with an older version of it (can't remember which version it was, might have to look into a backup to see if I can find it). I've been resizing these game windows for months now when I have time, and never encountered this problem until now when I did a whole system overhaul, which includes updating the icon library. So maybe there is something broken in there after all.

PeterK 10 March 2017 18:29

Confirmed! I've just done some tests with my latest icon.library and IconDemoADF, and indeed, there are some serious bugs in creating new drawers for example. It may need a few days before I can fix that. Thanks for your bug report!

Akira 10 March 2017 18:34

I'm so glad that my blabbering helped out! Haha.
Take your time boss, you rule.
How about that flickering performance too? Is it also a bug? I don't remember if it happened before.

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