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bladecgn 03 October 2017 07:05

I am using the Amigaguide-deficon from the StandardMagicWB packet (from Aminet).

Amigaguide-Files with icons are not grayed out, unfortunately.

PeterK 03 October 2017 11:46

No, MWB-deficons and all other old planar icons are not ghosted, because they don't have a mask. If I would create a mask and treat them like OS 3.5 icons it could make them slower.

bladecgn 03 October 2017 14:51

Thanks for claryfying! And for your ingenious icon.library!

Could I convert my deficons somehow to "masked" icons?
And if so, how?

It would be really good if my deficons were ghosted as they are shown when there is no icon present.

PeterK 03 October 2017 21:34

Yes, this should be possible with Dirk Stoecker's tool ProcessIcon and the command MWB2CI:


bladecgn 03 October 2017 22:11

Unfortunately this command does not make the deficon in question grayed out.

I think I would need to convert it to truecolor, right?

And what puzzles me: My def_Drawer.info MagicWB icon is grayed out although it's MagicWB

PeterK 03 October 2017 22:34

Please upload these icons here, The MWB def_Drawer.info and also the original and the converted icon which don't want to be ghosts.

It's not ProcessIcon which lets your converted icon appear 50 % transparent. The icon must be a deficon and has to be loaded from ENVARC:Sys.

bladecgn 03 October 2017 23:11

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks for looking into this. Here are the icons.

They are in envarc:sys where they belong.

Just out of curiosity: couldn't they be ghosted by putting white dots in a checkerboard-manner on the icon? It would be great if there was a possibility to habe the deficons always ghosted.

PeterK 04 October 2017 00:40


Originally Posted by bladecgn (Post 1189534)
Just out of curiosity: couldn't they be ghosted by putting white dots in a checkerboard-manner on the icon?

Funny suggestion! That's exactly what my icon.library does. Not white dots, but transparent dots. :D

Your def_Drawer.info was already converted into a ColorIcon. And for the def_AmigaGuide.info you have to define the transparent color number for ProcessIcon. It will never look perfect, because all pixels with color 0 will become transparent, too. Icons without a transparent color defined are never ghosted in order to allow the preview images of Eastern to stay opaque.

ProcessIcon def_AmigaGuide.info MWB2CI ST1=0 ST2=0 SIT=Project

Update: I could fix the problem with DefIcons on my system now. My ENVARC:deficons.prefs was damaged by AmiKit. :bash

Just in case that your ghosted deficons are disappearing when you drag them around, you can fix that with the command InvertGhostingMask, but only if have this problem (or you will get it). ;)

AMIGASYSTEM 04 October 2017 02:50

Ciao PeterK, I wanted to ask you if there are any applications which allows you to reduce (resize) the icons OS4 to use them on AFA OS. I to resize icons usage IconEditoron su OS4 but I can do one at a time :(

PeterK 04 October 2017 04:07

The only tool that I could imagine to do this job in a script mode is ImageConverter from Thilo Koehler (alias Wanderer):

I'm not sure if ImageConverter supports the OS4 icon images, too ?? Probably not! But it can read, write and scale DualPNG icons. (If you really only want to downscale (=reduce) your icons, then Prefs/Afa_OS can do that for you).

But it seems that there is no tutorial or guide supplied on how to use it. You will have to print out the command syntax message to get a list of the available options.

If nothing works, go to an optican and buy stronger glasses. I also need some cheap reading-glasses for 4 € (from Fielmann) already to see what's going on on my monitor. Who cares about pixels, I'm happy if I can identify some icons, at least. :shocked

AMIGASYSTEM 04 October 2017 10:00


Originally Posted by PeterK (Post 1189582)
. (If you really only want to downscale (=reduce) your icons, then Prefs/Afa_OS can do that for you).

Thanks, i had not tested, with version 4.8 working fine now, the right size is 46, old OS3 icons look bigger, now on AFA OS I will only use OS4 icons, second screenshot resize "50" icon OS4 :D

AMIGASYSTEM 04 October 2017 21:14

PeterK after a few hours of work it seems that the "Resize" done with AFA_OS Prefs creates corruption on some drawer icons OS4; i did not understand the reason why only some are corrupt.

PeterK 04 October 2017 22:48

I'm a bit surprised since I didn't expect any corruption. Is that a permanent damage of these icons or does it disappear when you refresh them from the icon menu? Only Bernd Roesch can fix that, although he didn't write the scaling routine AFAIK.

AMIGASYSTEM 04 October 2017 23:02

It is not a permanent damage i see just up AFA OS, the corrupt icons are well seen on a RTG 3.9 system, On OS4.1, the corrupted icon is not recognized, see screenshot.

PeterK 04 October 2017 23:59

This means that the old-style planar images of these OS4 icons are containing corrupt data, as we already discussed it some months ago. If I remember it correctly the OS4 icon editors were not able to load these icons, and thus there seems to be no chance to fix them. Maybe it's even AfA_OS that creates these corrupt planar images, but I'm not sure.

AMIGASYSTEM 05 October 2017 00:13

Without Resize AFA OS no problem, AFA OS see any icons OS4.1 even those not visible on OS4.1, see screenshot

PeterK 05 October 2017 20:30

There are two questions concerning these corrupted icons now:

1.) Are the OS4 icons, directly loaded from the original icon sets already damaged and thus not displayed on OS4?

I won't expect that, because most OS4 users would have complained about it. It's much more likely that AfA_OS damages the planar images of these icons whenever it needs to change anything and then saves them back to disk again.

2.) Are only those resized icons getting corrupted that are also invisible under OS4?

AMIGASYSTEM 05 October 2017 20:46

AFA OS damage only if i use the resize from AFA Prefs and after saving icon positions, corruption is visible after a reboot

PeterK 05 October 2017 21:00

I've just made a copy of my original "IconsReworked3" OS4 icon set under AfA_OS and then loaded it under OS4.

Result: Already the drawer icon "Copy_of_IconsReworked3" was invisible, but AfA_OS has also damaged a lot the OS4 icons just by making a cleanup and snaphot of the icon positions (see screenshot).

Now, I've also done the same as you, resized, cleaned up and fixed all the icons, and I got the same result with the corrupted images. Then I started OS 3.9 with my icon.library and all these damaged icons are displayed correctly, although AfA_OS can't load them anymore without these queezed images.

AMIGASYSTEM 05 October 2017 21:18

Icon damaged on OS3 you see well (not always, it depends on the type of corruption) :spin

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