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Pheonix 11 February 2017 23:02

Indivision AGA MK2cr?
OK, according to the web site, for an A4000 desktop, I need to get the Indivision AGA Mk2cr 4000/cd32 model and not the Indivision AGA Mk2cr 1200/4000T. Yet, for quite a while now the 1200 model is all that's been available. According to several web stores, they are at least 2 months past time when the next shipment of units were supposed to take place (AmigaKit Dec 2, 2016.) Individual Computer's "contact" page has been stating that a way to open a support ticket will be available shortly for over 2 years now (they refer you to the Wiki.)

So, is Individual Computers gone? Since every web store I've found are out of stock for the 4000/CD32 model (I have a 4000 Desktop,) am I just out of luck for getting one? Note: I thought I had found one, and ordered it, only to have my payment returned, since the remaining item listed as in stock turns out to be missing. Also, I've been trying the web site for 2 years in an attempt to ask a now totally irrelevant question concerning the Buddha (I eventually gave up and sold it to buy a replacement.)

The number of Flicker Fixers that fully support the AGA chip set in the 4000 are rather limited. Since I need a Scan Doubler, at the least, to get it up and running, my options have become rather limited.

Please, does anyone know what is going on? Are there more coming out or not? Since I also can't get a Guru adapter for my A2091, am I just stuck with both of my machines being partially crippled (one of which I cannot even use at all?)

I don't want to come off as whiny... But well, I think a little bit of Whining is at least partially justified at this point :crying

puppypc 12 February 2017 02:20

IComp is still in business, he (username Schoenfeld on eab) just has his fingers in a lot of pots. He's lately been spending most of his time on the ACA500+, and has said on a1k.org that he's hoping to step away from Amiga developing and produce some new C64 stuff next.

He's most active on a1k.org, but I'd assume that new units won't be made for, a long time. He makes this stuff in batches, and as you know he ran out of the A4000D batch a while ago. Best bet is probably asking around on message boards

Pheonix 12 February 2017 08:00

Well, that's both encouraging and disheartening :( Considering how long its been since anyone has had one in stock, my chances of finding one (except used from a 3rd party,) seems slim.

indigolemon 12 February 2017 10:18

There's one a few pages in on amibay, it was listed as reserved for a week back on the 2nd - not yet marked as sold though.

Pheonix 12 February 2017 10:28

Yes, thank you :) I've stepped into that one in case the sale doesn't go through after all. Also found a non-CR version, and one more. All are questionable if I'm going to get one there or not. Waiting to see, with a sliver of hope at least.

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