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philgood1351fr 30 March 2021 14:13

SD2PARALLEL - How to mount 2nd and third SD partitions - Help required
Hi Friends,
I'm a bit noob on Amiga system.
So I created a primary partition of 2Gb as first partition and 2 partitions of 7Gb as 2nd and third paritions.
Booting well, 1st partition shows up on workbench and is working great.

But don't achieve to mount other partitions. That's why I request your help....

How can we mount these partitions ? tried HDTools, but doesn't see the SD in It.

config : A600 8Gb + WHDload on CF card. kickstart.

Mathesar 03 April 2021 07:04

I noticed nobody answered your question.
Maybe I can help you a bit. Firstly, to use HDtoolbox you must set the device in the tooltypes to your sd2parallel device (dunno what it is called), by default it is set to scsi.device which is probably not right for your device.
Secondly, once you can see your partitions in hdtoolbox, make sure they are set on automount.

thomas 03 April 2021 10:53

I found some source code of spisd.device there: https://github.com/jbilander/sdbox/b...er/sd/device.c

Not sure if it is the one used here, but this one clearly does not support devices larger than 4GB and it does not support HDToolbox, either.

philgood1351fr 03 April 2021 12:30

Thanks for replying both.
Yes the SD device is known as "scsi.device". and I can't see this device in HDToolbox.
Is the a way to change it to make it appear in HDToolbox ? I don't know what you mean by "Set the device in tooltypes ". Sorry, I'm a bit noob on amiga systems.
can you tell me how to do it ?
@thomas, it's not that clear. The first partition must be set under 4GB, but no more precisions about the rest.

thomas 03 April 2021 13:45


Originally Posted by philgood1351fr (Post 1474675)
@thomas, it's not that clear.

The source code is absolutely clear. It only implements CMD_READ and CMD_WRITE. No 64bit commands and no HD_SCSICMD.

It can only be used by mount lists and it can only access the first 4GB of the card.

If you want to mount a second partition you have to replicate and edit the SD0 file. Read the FAT95 docs about how to select partitions in mount files.

philgood1351fr 03 April 2021 14:33

great. thanks a lot for your support.

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