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DamienD 15 January 2020 13:44


Originally Posted by Predseda (Post 1371664)
I am completely stoned and can not believe my eyes.

Surely you mean "stunned" as opposed to "stoned"? :p

Etze 15 January 2020 14:35


Originally Posted by gyagyagyerek (Post 1371634)
- HAM8 intro vid

your last video was captured on an ecs A500. So does the above mean that it's no longer an ecs game? Or do you provide two intros?

Bren McGuire 15 January 2020 15:26

Wow amazing!
Would this run better on an A1200? Seems to lag quite a bit here.


Originally Posted by gyagyagyerek (Post 1371634)
- HAM8 intro vid
- Turret (..a rotating robot-gun)
- Infiltrator mode (disguise yourself as an enemy)
- NPC (a "brother in arms")
- Level editor (Unfortunately TOME wasn't enough flexible enough to place enemyes and other stuff.)



gyagyagyerek 15 January 2020 16:00

The Intro+Game video was recorded from UAE with a standard A1200+HDD config (as close as i can set to a real HW). A500 is a bit slower of course, but the framerate is pretty good at the moment (except a few bug, like lagging and stayng at constant framerate).
The current config also needs 1mb of chipram that we recently decided to set to 2MB.

From now on the game itself need 2 mb of chipram (That is why we mentioned ECS). but it is only becouse of the amount of the gfx&sfx in it. The main engine itself (that is written in AMOS) only need a standard A500(OCS).
The "final" version there will be free for everyone (sourcecode+map editor, the hole thing). When someone want to make a new game and use it as an "engine", than you can do it even for OCS, just stay under that limitation.

The Intro is a whole different thing. We using Roy Schneider HamPlayer. The result/quality depends on the hardwere (chipset&hdd speed..), but it is capable of playing "acceptable" :) HAM8 videos even on A500.

Aladin 15 January 2020 16:17

Ham8 need AGA, ham6 for ECS

gyagyagyerek 15 January 2020 16:49


Originally Posted by Aladin (Post 1371743)
Ham8 need AGA, ham6 for ECS

Yes! Sorry! HAM6! :D

Etze 16 January 2020 08:50

That's why I was asking. So the intro above is HAM6?

Btw: How did you create the intro? It's awesome. Also the game looks very promising, of course!

gyagyagyerek 16 January 2020 14:07

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Etze (Post 1371903)
That's why I was asking. So the intro above is HAM6?

Btw: How did you create the intro? It's awesome. Also the game looks very promising, of course!

It's not a classic frame by frame render. I have a lot of 3d models myself (Buildings, LEM, Astronauts, Ufo's, aliens...) from previous games and concepts. (And Unitys asset store offers a lots of free assets as well, example the music and the gun i use in the scene). The intro is composed (with all voices and music in place) and rendered realtime using UNITY3D. Basically it is one realtime scene recorded from a modern game engine. It needed a few cut here and there becouse of the transitions, but that was it. :)


gyagyagyerek 16 January 2020 14:38

The original idea (for the game) was to render everything from the main characters to the background tiles, but that would be almost impossible because of the tile (32x32) and (16) color limitation where the games can run "smooth".

saimon69 16 January 2020 17:57

Well if you need some extra music let me know as usual ^^

Predseda 27 March 2020 08:47

Noticed your new puuzle game. Great, thank you!

viddi 27 March 2020 09:12

Looks great!!
Fantastic work so far.

Havie 27 March 2020 18:26

As a Blitz person I have to say you are doing amazing things on Amos (loved Amos before I got Blitz). If you pull this off then you have set a whole new bar and people will never look at Amos games the same way!

Keep it going - wow, wow and treble wow!

MisthaLu 28 April 2020 07:12

This forum needs one of them fancy modern "Like" buttons. :-)

invent 28 April 2020 10:16

Agreed, MisthaLu, often I visit but don't want to add potential dribble and still show support :) love seeing all the extra info about the game dev by the way :)

Predseda 11 June 2020 22:44

Apologize my impatience, but is there any progress in this super promising game?

gyagyagyerek 15 June 2020 14:21

5 Attachment(s)

No problem, just slowdowns!:)
The Project (Horizon) is not abandoned!
The code and the level tiles has been restructured a few times.
We try to make a playable .ADF (with a demostage) soon that will be posted here on the forum!

For the meantime there are a few shots from other levels.
Attachment 67776Attachment 67777
Attachment 67778Attachment 67779Attachment 67780

And an interview with a "local" amiga magazine (page 54).

Gzegzolka 15 June 2020 14:27

Good to hear that. I hope You will finish it. I would love to play it :)

Predseda 15 June 2020 14:28

What a nice magazine! Shame it is not English.

Those screenshots look really nice, looking forward to play the demo.

gyagyagyerek 15 June 2020 23:42

Demo adf+HDD

As promised here are the links to a little demo we put together. It is only one demo stage, no level-editor or source attached yet (and no intro becouse of the filesize:D).

ADF version (with no music):

HDD version (with music):

Have fun!:great

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