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kirk 09 April 2009 22:16

gamebase noob needs basic tutorial for gemus scripts
hi all,
ive just discovered the joys of gamebase amiga, got it set up nicely, but the gemus scripts is like latin to me, all i basically wanna do is run one of winuae's command line instructions (-norawinput) before each start of winuae, but believe me, i really dont have the foggiest on how to do this.

this is the only command line i need to run, or failing that, i have a batch file that opens winuae with that setting, can i get gamebase to run that rather than directly open winuae ?


AAG 14 April 2009 21:26

The gamebase install ships with detailed documenttion on gemus, in my case D:\GameBase\Docs\index.htm.

For what you want - open the gemus.htm and search for "GEMUS Script Basics".

GEMUS is made up of functions (for commad lines) and functions for writing to (amoungst others) ini files.

The GBAmiga scripts are mainy using the ini-file writing method.

Sounds like your after using the "Add_CLP" function?

Also the "Edit_CLP" function is quite handy for debugging - place this just before the "run_emulator" as it'll show you the command-line params which will be passed.

NOTE To create a new gemus script -load GBAmiga - GEMUS menu, manage emulators. Click the first "box" icon and off you go. (You can always click on the GEMS menu and select on of the existing scripts for what the various settings should be - eg emulator is set to winuea etc).

Send me a personal message if you need any help.

AAG - http://gbplayer.xiik.net/

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