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Flashlab 05 February 2006 17:49

Fusion; where to get it?
I've been experimenting with ShapeShifter on my Amiga. I keep reading about Fusion being better, but where can you get it and what is the latest version available?

twizzle 09 February 2006 15:43

if you are refering to fusion the mac emulator
i have it new & unused
make me an offer

Flashlab 09 February 2006 18:19

Which version have you got?

twizzle 09 February 2006 23:02

hi its version 3.1 fusion + pcx
i bought it from blittersoft cost me about £32

kriz 09 February 2006 23:04

Btw. Both Fusion and Pcx got released for free with an Amiga Format cd :)


twizzle 09 February 2006 23:11

yea your right just checked my cd`s bummer

anyway if you want it, as its no good to me i will post it to you for free

Flashlab 10 February 2006 23:33

Yeah I'd still like to try it! Maybe you could post the installation in the Zone?

nujack 11 February 2006 13:58


could anybody upload a MAC-Rom which works with Fusion?
My rom doesn`t. That would be nice. Thnx.


twizzle 11 February 2006 18:28


pm me with your address and i will post it to you

Flashlab 11 February 2006 20:47

I have Fusion 3.2 running now, but it's very unstable on my setup.

The most impressive feature to me is that you can change resolution and colour depth within MacOS! With ShapeShifter you have to stop the emulation...

Too bad it's so unstable. Could be because I am using OS3.9 BB2 but it also crashes when I run it from a clean OS3.1 partition I created especially for testing.

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