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PopoCop 14 November 2016 13:11

Uridium 2 - another question
When you start playing on a first level of any fleet and get destroyed quite fast the woman's voice says something about Manta and you don't lose a life. It can happen many times in a row.
It seems to be some kind of "give player a chance" system but how does it work? Is it time-dependent (for example life is not lost if playing time was below 30 seconds)?

honx 15 November 2016 16:24

while this thread is open, i have also a question.
in zone or somewhere else i can only find uridium 2.
where can i get uridium 1? does someone know?

Solo Kazuki 15 November 2016 16:32

Uridium is for 8-bit platforms, e.g. C=64 and Atari ST. There's no Amiga version of Uridium.

s2325 15 November 2016 16:43

You may try 2 similar games:http://hol.abime.net/hol_search.php?..._quickmatch=73

BarryB 15 November 2016 17:50

Atari ST an 8-bit computer? Always thought it was a 2 bit computer :D

Solo Kazuki 15 November 2016 21:03

It means 8-bit platforms AND Atari ST. ;-)

BarryB 15 November 2016 21:30

It's still a 2 bit computer though ;)

musashi5150 16 November 2016 08:28


Originally Posted by PopoCop (Post 1122417)
the woman's voice says something about Manta

I spent a lot of time playing this when converting for CD32 :crazy From memory I think she says "Free Manta". Don't know about the logic behind it though.

Amigajay 10 January 2017 19:51

Anyone have the 1.04 version in ADF format (or files) the only version i can find is the IPF version online.

I did read someone had a whdload version of it but again its not uploaded maybe someone has it on their drive?

If someone could convert it for or upload the 1.04 whdload version very much appreciated!

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