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Marskilla 30 April 2013 19:31

FS-UAE 2.2.2 can't reach configuration file
I noticed a bug (I think).

Under Windows, if fs-uae is ran with a configuration file as a parameter , and if the configuration file is located in a path containing special parameters, fs-uae cannot reach it.

For example :


fs-uae.exe "C:\users\abcédé\my documents\config.fs-uae"
does not work.

FrodeSolheim 30 April 2013 20:29

Hi, I've tested and can confirm the problem (it also occurs when "doubleclicking" on a .fs-uae file to launch it in FS-UAE if the path contains non-ASCII characters. The issue is that FS-UAE, as it is written, expects the path in UTF-8 (which is fine for config files, but not for command line arguments on Windows).

I'll post an update when I have developed a fix for the issue.

Marskilla 01 May 2013 09:48


Originally Posted by Marskilla (Post 885010)
(...)the configuration file is located in a path containing special parameters(...)

I meant special characters, but hopefully you got it right. :)

FrodeSolheim 30 May 2013 22:44

Hi, please try the beta version of the upcoming 2.2.3 version. This version includes a fix which should allow paths with non-ASCII characters to be opened as program parameter on Windows:


FrodeSolheim 08 June 2013 09:56

Hi, did you have time to test if the new version works for you yet? :)

Marskilla 22 June 2013 14:58


Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim (Post 892972)
Hi, did you have time to test if the new version works for you yet? :)

Hi. Sorry, I was monitoring the website waiting for a new version.
I Just found it here.

I just tested v 2.2.3b1.

I created a "C:\e\config.fs-uae" file and dragged the file on fs-uae.exe.

It worked

I renamed the "C:\e" path into "C:\é" and dragged the configuration file on fs-uae and it didn't work.

Sorry. :(

FrodeSolheim 22 June 2013 21:21

Hi, since the warning about missing config disappeared, I thought I was done, but the testing was obviously a bit sloppy - on closer inspection there was a bit missing (the config didn't actually load ;))

Can you test this one? http://fs-uae.net/stable/2.2.3b2/ :)

Marskilla 25 June 2013 11:16

Yay ! It Works. (v2.2.3b2) :great

FrodeSolheim 25 June 2013 21:13

Thanks for testing and reporting back, will publish 2.2.3 now :) (no changes from 2.2.3b2).

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