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buckrogers 19 March 2005 08:04

Download Blizzard 1230IV user manual?
ANyone know ehre I can download the user manual for the Phase 5 Blizzard 1230IV accelerator, English version?

BTW, the following database has a suitable link that provides page with no such download:


oldpx 19 March 2005 11:03

In the zone now. :)

buckrogers 19 March 2005 11:40

Wow. Thanks. But I'm not allowed in the Zone! Can anyone explain?

Shoonay 19 March 2005 13:24

I know EXACTLY why - you haven't read the FAQ :p

buckrogers 19 March 2005 13:28

OK. I am now in The Zone! Many thanks pxscroll (and Shoonay). However, pxscroll, your user status under your user name concerns me. Are you from New Zealand by chance?

oldpx 19 March 2005 13:49

Nope. Turkey is retarded enough :D and I'm using that sheep because it's probably the best character I created. After making it my avatar I needed something to write under it hence the raping part. :crazy

buckrogers 19 March 2005 14:46

The new signature for pxscroll competitition
Have you ever tried some subtlety?

How 'bout changing it to "Sheep lover" or "Dark side of the moon", or "Fleece beast".

Perhaps we can start a new thread "the new signature for pxscroll competitition".

oldpx 19 March 2005 14:52

The simple the better. I'm targeting the average eaber.:D (j/k)

buckrogers 19 March 2005 15:07

By avergae, are you referring to the intelligence of the average eaber, or the sexual preferences of the avergae eaber?:D

oldpx 19 March 2005 15:22

Fred alone is enough to outweight any other fraction of sexual preference so we have to accept his preferences as our own and choose our name tags accordingly. I am the sheep rapist, pleased to meet you. :crazy

oldpx 20 March 2005 23:05


Originally Posted by buckrogers

Perhaps we can start a new thread "the new signature for pxscroll competitition".

I think I found it :D

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