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Borg_Number_One 21 August 2004 12:51

REQ: Automatic resolution change ; automatic resolution detection
In DOSBOX Emulator there is a feature which automaticlly detects the resulution in the emulation and change the "real" window/fullscreen resolution to the same.

Could this feature be implemented into WinUAE too?
(Currently only if UAEGFX RTG is used then WinUAE supports und use that feature of automatic resolution detection/change,
but automatic resolution detection/change together with OCS, ECS, AGA is currently not supported by WinUAE. :( )

oldpx 21 August 2004 13:07

You can stretch the image to the entire screen using filters and save&load filter presets on the fly if that'll solve your problem.

Borg_Number_One 21 August 2004 13:24

Thank you for your help.
I know this method, but it is the most tawdrily method that exist.
...that simply sucks.

Filters need further CPU-power and that sucks too.

So, direct resolution detection and change (in ECS, AGA, OCS)wold be a very, very important feature.

Toni Wilen 21 August 2004 14:16

Not really possible. Think about programs that mix lores and hires (for example hires in top and lores in bottom) or switch between lores/hires/laced in loading screens etc...

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