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Error 07 April 2004 22:28

Shifted keys
Could anyone please help me getting those shifted keys working? Certain key combinations do not work for me under WinUAE [not sure of others do], like shift+delete for example. I have absolutely no idea how to make them working.. I remember having them "enabled" somehow, but yet I have absolutely no idea how and when I killed them..

Many thanks

andreas 07 April 2004 23:44

Works fine for me on my WB 3.0.

Tested with WB-built-in menu item 'Execute command'.

Typed something, moved cursor towards the middle of the text string, and pressed SHIFT+DEL. All characters next to the marker got deleted.

What version of WinUAE are you using?

Error 07 April 2004 23:55


Works fine
that's weird.. btw, forgot to mention, it works flawlessly just when I push LEFT [not RIGHT] shift key...


What version of WinUAE are you using?
0.8.25 iirc...

RetroMan 08 April 2004 00:23

Wasn´t there autofire on the right Shift-Key for some Key Config :confused

Error 08 April 2004 00:31

Nope, definitely not :sad.. I don't play, but I checked my configs in case it should be something like what You said. In both compatibility mode [joy set as PC joy 1] and config #1 it works all the same. btw, shifted arrow keys don't work either...

andreas 08 April 2004 00:47


Try to check the settings in Game/IO tab.
If Port 2 is set to some joystick emulation using the keyboard (A, B or C), this may also cause some essential keys to get blocked for WB use.

Error 08 April 2004 09:46


If Port 2 is set to some joystick emulation using the keyboard
as said before, I have the joystick port set to PC Joy #1... :(

Error 18 April 2004 17:19

ok, forget it, I bought a new kb and it works just fine now :) sorry for bothering [it is likely that many kb have kind of bugs or dunno..]

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