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Peanutuk 29 February 2004 13:15

SWOS Career Saves on AGA and none AGA machines
I was playing SWOS (95/96) on my old A500, starting a new career. I little later I set up my A1200 intending to play it on that. Unfortunately the career will not load. I get an error message saying a none-AGA machine machine was expected. And that's that.

Even if I Boot up with the standard chip-set the same thing occurs. Is there any way I can modify the career file to make it run on the A1200 or do I have to play the next 20 year of my career on the A500 ??

Peanutuk 07 March 2004 21:52

Was anyone even aware that this occured?

Enverex 07 March 2004 21:53

Apparently not. Never heard anyone mention it either. Though I doubt it is an all to often occurance.

blackcornflake 07 March 2004 22:09

That is too scary. I only looked at this thread about an hour ago, having missed its posting originally. Fwuh.


Yes, that is about that. The floppy version is so picky it will reject a save made on the same machine, if the hardware configuration has been altered by adding extra memory. If your A1200 has a hard drive, I strongly suggest you install Sensi via WHDLoad. I'm not 100% sure, (because I can't locate any A500 saves for testing atm, having played SWOS on the A1200 for the past 7 years), but I believe the WHDLoad installer does away with this annoying problem. No harm in trying, anyway.

Peanutuk 07 March 2004 22:17

At the moment it hasnt got a HD but that should change soon.

I was enjoying a great cup run as well :)

The problem is that the A500 is in my kitchen and it gets very cold in there.


BippyM 07 March 2004 22:38

there is a way around this, you have to force SWOS into booting the a500 version of SWOS!

How do you do this... well

On disk 1 there are the files: SWOS, SWOS.rel, SWOS2 and SWOS2.rel

Basically rename SWOS & SWOS.rel to SWOS2 & SWOS2.rel, and rename SWOS2 & SWOS2.rel to SWOS & SWOS.rel

blackcornflake 08 March 2004 19:48

Good tip, bip. :)

lol, I've obviously been spoilt by years of playing SWOS from my hard drive. Completely forgot that neat little trick.

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