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squidbass 09 October 2012 15:34

Windowblinds rollup shade etc.

Is anyone aware of a utility that can rollup windows in the same manner that old macos, gnome or windowmaker can under linux do? Do you get what I mean?


Akira 09 October 2012 16:08

For the Amiga? Haven't seen such a thing.

squidbass 09 October 2012 16:58

Yes for the amiga natch and I too have never seen such a thing. Damn useful feature to have imho. I wonder how easy it would be to write such a utility...

emufan 10 October 2012 17:51

not sure about the macintosh feature, but menufy can hide the active window (default ctrl-f6) and return it from workbench tools-menu.
another tool is PowerWindowsNG. since it comes with full source, it's a start to add your desired feature?

squidbass 06 February 2017 10:30

Resurrecting an old thread....I am sure I saw an article recently where somebody has written just such an utility. Problem is I can't find it now...it had a screenshot of windows shaded on the WB. Where is it?

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