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Walker 13 June 2002 14:33

Hook problem
As soon as I try to enter Jolliest Roger's place, the game freezes or crash. Anbody else experienced this problem?

My copy is the Fairlight crack, is there any other cracks available?

Drake1009 13 June 2002 15:14

I got the fairlight crack with my A1200. I have no problems entering the Jolliest rogers place. Could it be you had a bad dump of disk 2? Maybe emulator bug?

I can rip my disk 2 if you'd like.

Codetapper 13 June 2002 15:34

Hook copy protection problem perhaps?
From the WHDLoad install by Galahad:

Please do NOT use save games from either the Fairlight release or the JST release, neither are correctly cracked! Several objects are missing from these versions because of the way the Copylock routines operate in Hook. If you do use a savegame from either of these versions, then you will simply not be able to complete the game... EVER!

This *might* be your problem Walker...

Drake1009 13 June 2002 15:40

Hmm that could be why I never managed to get very far in Hook then. I remember most of what to do to get aboard the ship from the time I played it on a friend's Amiga who had an original, but I just kept missing something.

Walker 13 June 2002 18:21

I tried a fresh set of disks but got the same problem.

andreas 13 June 2002 22:19


is there a way out?
IOW, is there an alternative crack you can use?
Maybe someone could upload such crack. I only see the FLT crack in TOSEC, pretty single-edge like it is right now...

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