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ami_junkie 16 November 2009 04:20

A1200 freezing and guruing
Hi guys, I recently had my A1200 fixed and the CAPs replaced very nicely by Coze, he did a fantastic job. So I have my Amiga all set up, Indivision AGA, Typhoon II 030/40 16mb, 4gb hard disk and an ATX power supply. I installed Classic WB, however the machine seems to be crashing and freezing after about 10 minutes, I noticed that the case seems to be getting very hot and the Typhoon card is almost too hot to touch. I was thinking maybe my ATX PSU is too strong, it is 400 watts ... are there any other suggestions?


rkauer 16 November 2009 05:04

Not too strong, but too unregulated!

Heavy warming is (normally) caused by insufficient voltage on the +5V line.

BTW: Coze replaced all capacitors or just the audio ones?

ami_junkie 16 November 2009 05:59

Yes I think he replaced all the capacitors, maybe there is something wrong with the ATX cable. I was also thinking maybe the accelerator might be dodgy or something.

vk3heg 16 November 2009 11:00


Originally Posted by ami_junkie (Post 616111)
I was thinking maybe my ATX PSU is too strong, it is 400 watts ... are there any other suggestions?

A power supply is *never* to strong. To week yes, but never to strong.

The supply will only cater for what the device attached is drawing.

ie: a 4 what device, connected to a 8 what supply will only draw 4 whats from the psu.

When a supply is to week, they get very hot, shutdown and cause stability issues. Most will fail and let out the magic smoke.

Anemos 16 November 2009 11:09

test you Amiga with out accelerator,if is ok without him ,
test again with accelerator with open trapdoor and check if is over burn

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