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dondilly 03 November 2005 02:44

Minix on WinUAE
Hi Chaps, it was a tos up between putting this here or in prb.apps.

I have been toying round with installing the amiga minix operating system and run it under winuae.

yet they havnt exactly gone out of their wy to make the install friendly

some info on amiga minis can be found here

and on winuae as the platform here

Somewhere between those two pages you can get the disk images and the updates.

reading between the lines, while the original v1.5 doesnt support HDs, the updates add that support but as a precaution was intending on running it from an HDF file rather than to the native PC HD so as to avoid screw ups.. the disk images are not amiga disks but the article does give details of a util (yadi) for writing the disks.

I was not only finding it difficult to get my head around what they were trying to do (including updating the minix disks with the updates prior to install) But the Biggest problem is that my PC does not have a floppy drive to use anyway.

I was hoping that there might be a slim chance that someone has already tried minix and if so might have a winuae friendly install or even know of a 'preinstalled' HDF file that could just be a plug in and go.

I find it amazing that someone put up instructions on minix under winuae and not given it a thought. so if no one has a minix HDF is there any adventurous peep out there that fancies giving it a try.


OddbOd 03 November 2005 08:01

There is no HDF because WinUAE does not emulate a hard disk controller, which Minix expects to access directly, more details are here.

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