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jcmoorehead 27 June 2004 14:50

Howdy, i set up Config ecs13 from the Back2Roots site and attempt to load up the game, however when the game is loaded up the graphics keep on flickering and the game is pretty much unplayable. Any idea how to fix this? I'm using the latest version of WinUAE.

oldpx 27 June 2004 16:13

These configurations are for really old versions of WinUAE. You may want to wait until the next WinUAE version which will have built-in A500 and A1200 configurations.

jcmoorehead 27 June 2004 17:48

Thanks, I got the graphics to stop flickering via using the OCS Config, but for now the game has problems entering the Jolliest Rogers place, so I'll wait for the next version

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