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jcrubin 09 April 2018 15:35

Amiga ACA500+ addition and Workbench install
After receiving my long awaited package from Individual computers I do an unboxing, preparation and installation of my new ACA500+ upgrade for my Amiga 500+. This first means actually doing a downgrade first, removing the old acceleration and re-adding the original 68000. I first make sure everything works after the downgrade before installation.

Following a brief exploration of the menu I choose F7 which allows for a boot with all of the workbench disks mounted virtually so that a hard drive install can be accomplished. So I add a CF card into the boot side and continue.

I did not choose the correct CF card for this, nor did I choose the best partition strategy, but this was a first go around, something I will correct in the next video.

Ive learned that the ACA500+ never seems to be able to do a successful software reboot, always getting a green screen of death. This is not a major issue though.

The boot to workbench was a success, and booted quickly. I then attempt to put the second CF card in just to see what happens and it is detected without issue, though only 4 gigs are shown in workbench.

The next task is prefs, where id display mode I find that HIRES works rather nice through this RGB/HDMI conversion setup, so another win! I then go through the rest of the prefs quickly for good measure.

This is the point where I start with some basic software installations moving it from linux with the aux card starting with

lha.run and moving the lha68k to the workbench:c as lha.

The second install was sysinfo.lha which i first extracted on the cf card first for testing. This also allows me to see the tour of sysinfo showing this computer outperforming an amiga 1200 stock 68020. I then go through the rest of the tour of sysinfo.

Satisfied with the structure, sysinfo is moved into the correct location. But i know that the partitions are wrong and I am bothered as I keep noticing that I only have 512k of chip ram. So its time to do some hardware troubleshooting. I wonder what happened to the fatter agnus?


spudje 09 April 2018 17:04

Did you configure the ACA500+ for the 1 (or 2?) MB Chip? I don't think it's on by default.

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