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Anakirob 24 April 2017 12:04

ClassicBlitz Lite ClassicWBor BetterWB+Blitz 2.1 files from EAB server, and elswhere?
The "...and elsewhere?" bit of the thread title is why I'm opening up this thread prematurely. Because as anyone looking in this thread setting up a fully functional Blitz 2.1 environment is a bit of a pain in the rear end.

I could go full Microsoft and just appropriate ClassicWB and cobble together some shite from the ClassicWB package and Ulitmate Blitz2.1 iso but I'd like to think that I'd show a little more class than that seeing as ultimately I am seeking to create a unified classic Amiga Blitz 2.1 environment. I think targeting 99.X% compatibility with 2.04 ECS and 3.1 AGA/SAGA seems reasonable as it gives you full access to the display.

There will always be that one machine which misbehaves

And as it is for everyone and will of course be free to download from an official website and Aminet, File Server (I'd use this for stable betas if I were allowed), etc....

...I thought I really should ask for some assistance at least as there are more than one Blitz2 patches, scripts, command libraries, etc. which can be applied but many of them make the others redundant and if one were to look at this problem visually on a whiteboard it might resemble the Celtic knot pattern on some douchebags armband tattoo.

It would be totally awesome if the bare IDE+libraries would fit on 2xADF files.
And the HDF examples were <32MB so it would fit on a standard 40MB HD that all my A600 had.
Also, why not the most current stable RedPill if it'll fit?

And an intro MOD while the black screen is a must! Maybe even a multitasking intro?

Anyway, how did you assemble your current Blitz 2 setup? I assume we all go straight for the EAB file server which has the latest official ISO these days and then Google Blitz2.1 patch, etc. ( but that just opens a whole pallet-load of cans of worms! ) but where to from there? I know what I would do but then I'm not the most patient person.

idrougge 07 May 2017 04:32

I used the Ultimate Blitz CD and the old fixed install script from David McMinn's site.

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