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Anubis 03 March 2006 19:25

Arabian nights - missing trainer
Is it just me, or that game is missing trainer?

In readme states that CUSTOM1=1 is for trainer, and then in 1.3 CUSTOM1=1 enables gamepad. :nuts:rolleyes

Who should I contact to check/fix this?

Joe Maroni 03 March 2006 21:29

best solution could be contacting the author of the install :)

Anubis 06 March 2006 17:59

Will do that.

In the mean time I found 1.2 version and finished game with the trainer. :crazy

I know, I am cheater, but I can't spent hours in the front of computer anymore. :D

Anubis 09 March 2006 16:21

I wrote report, but now I wonder can Codetaper or some other WHDLoad programmer check and fix this install? :)

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