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th4t1guy 10 February 2004 07:14

Some French game with orcs....
Someone on another forum was looking for:

"Also, I'm still looking for the name of that French* 1990 game with the orcs and elfs and dwarfs and shit in it in which you can eat apples and drink ale and buy hideously expensive gas wands that don't do anything worthwhile and there's poles with heads on them on the experience screen and when you walk behind a wall there's a white arrow showing the location of your character and if you choose to play as an orcish merchant you get to start out with tons of money and several orcish sidekicks in a hobbit (?) village and plunder their house although you need to go in through the back door because the front is locked and there's a pit trap in the road. Goddammit! How can I remember this much detail about a game but not its name? I think it was one word, began with an "L", an "S" or a "T". DAMMIT!

* I think it was French because although the game was in English, menu headers were in French, e.g. "parle" for the talk menu, et c."

Anyone have any clues?

CodyJarrett 10 February 2004 09:32

It's probably Battlemaster:


th4t1guy 10 February 2004 20:04

That's it! :)


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