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Skunkfish 20 April 2021 16:10

Issues mounting Virtual ADF's - OS3.0
Good afternoon,

I've been having trouble using diskimage.device (both old and new versions) to mount .ADF files as a virtual drive.

The drive appears but I'm getting lots of checksum errors when accessing the files. I initially suspected a memory/disk issue, but the checksum errors are consistent from wherever the ADF is accessed (Internal CF drive, PCMCIA CF card or Ram Disk).

To make sure it wasn't the ADF's, I tested them all in WinUAE without issue.

Any ideas on what this could be?

indigolemon 25 April 2021 21:16

Any issues when you access other files of a similar size?

Skunkfish 27 April 2021 14:23

I've not come across any issues opening or moving large files between drives.

I'm in the process of setting up a new drive with OS 3.1.4 which is behaving nicely at the moment (under WinUAE at least).

I'll see if the problem continues once I try this drive in the A1200

Skunkfish 10 May 2021 17:59

I never did discover the issue, but it didn't happen again with 3.1.4 on a fresh CF card.

I went from an 8MB RAM expansion to an ACA1221LC at the same time, possibly that made a difference as well?

scuzz 12 May 2021 16:24

Only time I have had this problem is when I hadn't changed the value for the MaxTransfer rate in the HDToolbox. Pretty much all disks that I copied had corrupt files and the images were busted. Changed the MaxTransfer value and it resolved the problems. But that was IDE using FastFileSystem and HDToolBox on a 1200. So probably no help.

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