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Christian 18 November 2006 12:41

WinUAE close to perfection .... ?
What a great job Toni has done with this emulator. I remember thinking...

I wish there was a way of stretching the screen image to fill the monitor while still displaying proper scanlines, etc - which was done

It would be nice to have the old floppy sounds for total nostalgia - which was done (to my surprise)

Shame the sound has to lag slightly behind the action (but I could live with it) - which was fixed

Perhaps a way in the GUI for selecting which Amiga model to emulate (but still with the option of fine-tuning) for ease of use - which was done

Vertically synced graphics modes would be nice for totally smooth scrolling - which was done

Being able to connect a real Amiga HD to the PC for easy setup would be great - which was done

Some kind of way of taking the pain out of disk-swapping would be useful - which was done

and many other things :)

Now I find myself running out of things to put on a wish list ... but here goes

Prolly a bug or my crappy Creative sound card, but I'm getting a slight varying pitch in sound as people have previously mentioned (I'm sure this will be fixed)

Er .. Some kind of TV emulation would be cool - I know the screen output behaves the same way as an Amiga monitor but the image on a TV was always properly scaled/positioned, etc (I think I remember Toni saying this was not possible)

Um ... I would like to be able to specify which disk(s) to insert via the command line with the emulator using it's default config file - basically for making shortcuts in windows, ie C:\winuae\winuae.exe -df0 lemmings.adf (or something). I know different config files can be specified via the command line but I can't be arsed to create a different one for each game. ;)

Effects like scanlines or aperture grills applied in the same way as recent versions of Mame would be nice. It seems an elegant solution to me.

Apart from that I can't think of anything :)

BTW I'm only really interested in the classic Amigas - made by Commodore with Motorola processors - no PPC bollox ;)

Thanks Toni - you are, as they say, the man :great

Belgarath 18 November 2006 13:44

You can specify which disks to insert via a command line, GameBase Amiga uses 1 config file and inserts the correct disks via command line


winuae.exe -f config.uae -0c:\adfs\turrican2.adf

and -1 for df1: etc

Christian 18 November 2006 14:24

ah ok - cheers Belgarath

didn't realise that - another one off the list then :P

musashi5150 18 November 2006 16:01

Although I'm not into MorphOS and all that other crap an emulation of PPC on classic Amigas would be a nice future enhancement. A couple of my A4000s have PPCs in them and it would be cool to see these emulated :)

When Jens makes it possible with a core update I'd like to see WinUAE make use of real CatWeasal floppy I/O :D

It's not important for 99% of programs, but MMU emulation would be a welcome addition for some I'm sure.

But even if Toni never implements any of these features I'm perfectly happy with WinUAE as it is :D Top marks :great

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