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alcomatt 30 January 2021 14:24

FS-UAE - issues with partitioning 256GB msata drive - kick 3.1.4 - PSF3aio
I am a little bit stuck with partitioning and formatting of a 256GB SSD under fs-uae under linux (although I am pretty sure the linux bit is not significant here).

Physical drive is configured with ide0 interface type .I am running with kickstart 3.1.4 and the drive is being detected with a correct size by the HDToolBox from 3.1.4 install disk.
I am able to add PFS3aio to RDB without an issue and configure a boot partition apx. 256MB and a 2nd partition of apx 99GB (both with 4096 block size). I have also configured another partition of 99 GB and a smaller one using the remaining space available.

First two partitions format fine, but all the others fail to do, displaying "not a valid DOS disk" error a short while after the quick format starts(more or less a few mins).

I suspect that it is not a PFS issue as the FFS (from 3.1.4) also exhibits this behaviour.
It is quite close to 104GB limit PFS3aio mentions though, but my assumption was that it was partition size limitation, not the disk.

Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks a mill!

alcomatt 03 February 2021 17:38

I've managed to get it sorted in the end, controller needed to be set to uae but the disk type to rdb. after this change, the extra partitions started to work without issues.... boy was it fun...

Pyromania 03 February 2021 17:48

How long did it take? What are the hardware specs of the Linux box?

alcomatt 03 February 2021 23:57

just an arch linux machine, nothing special... I got stuck as I was initially using ide0 as the interface type. Once I switched to uae device and configured the physical disk for using RDB it went pretty quick. minimal format times, 1 4GB part for the OS, 2 x101GB partitions for the data/apps and leaves some spare space for shapeshifter if I decide to have it configured.

Pyromania 04 February 2021 03:08

Nice to know!

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