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RickyC 20 December 2007 15:50

Lemmings 2

On level 4? of the beach when a lemmings has jumped on to the chain, how do i make him let go D:

I just started playing this game for the first time but i cant figure out how to change levels!

I started off on lvl one of the beach...complete it...an arrow appears which i guess should change the map to level 2 of beach. Since the arrows of the other stages are crossed out till i complete level 1 too.

I press the arrow and nothing happens! im doomed to redo level 1 over and over. D:

Im on winuae 1.3.1 just using the basic settings...also tried on 1.4.4. Not sure if im missings an options to fix this.

Magno Boots 20 December 2007 18:25

RickyC, you need to click on the next screen icon (see attached) to access the next level.

Attachment 15573

RickyC 20 December 2007 22:10

Yeah i was doing that! think i just had a bugged ADF because i tried again and it worked! Really should of done that before ._.


Magno Boots 20 December 2007 23:33

Press the yellow square (between the two arrows) on the top of the swing / chain.

RickyC 20 December 2007 23:37

THanks again! just worked it out before lol! took a while to notice the obvious arrows!

Magno Boots 20 December 2007 23:48

No probs Ricky.

If you want me to upload my save disk (just incase you get really stuck) then let me know.

Remember to save as many lems as possible to ensure the gold talisman at the end.

RickyC 21 December 2007 12:10

well im trying to record a longplay of the game so got to do this myself! Dont really record many games i've not played before. Seems a bit weird compared to the first game :O

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