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tootoid 11 April 2007 11:27

PCMCIA Squirrel + PCMCIA Network Card
I'm trying to install a PCMCIA network card and AmiTCP3.0b2 on an A1200 but it's complaining about "not being able to open the device" on startup. I'm pretty sure this is because there's usually a Surf Squirrel in the PCMCIA slot and the drivers are getting in a mess.

I'm gonna try disabling the Surf Squirrel later to remove it from the equation but has anyone else had the same problem and found a neat solution or is it basically gonna be one or the other, not both?

tootoid 18 April 2007 12:13

Sorted this now, but should anyone find this thread in 100 years time and have the same problem I can confirm that I needed to remove all other drivers for PCMCIA devices from the Devs drawer to get the network card working.

The CF adaptor and Squirrel seem to get the correct driver assigned without any help but the the network card doesn't. Maybe a script to move the drivers round followed by a swift 3 fingered salute is the best way to fit 3 cards into 1 PCMCIA slot.

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