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macce2 14 December 2008 00:05

Secret of Monkey Island CDTV
Well, does the cdtv version of Monkey island differ from the original Amiga version in anyway ?:nuts
How about Monkey Island 2, then ?

Retro-Nerd 14 December 2008 00:09

There is no (released) CDTV version of Monkey Island. There are still rumors it was produced, but not released. Just like Loom.

macce2 14 December 2008 12:25

ok. thx!

Thalion 14 December 2008 20:54

Hm as Cds of Loom exist, does anybody have a Cd of Monkey Island then?

JACK98 14 December 2008 23:21

Monkey island cdtv is mythical.Some people claimed that it was released but in hands of serious collectors.Who knows,here's a thread about the debate


Thalion 15 December 2008 11:47

Yup thats what i know too. Hm Maybe someday we will now for sure. :)

JACK98 15 December 2008 11:58

This is the only proof that we know it exists


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