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Noob-tech-ninja 28 November 2020 22:18

FS-UAE > Balancing speed Vs host CPU > & Saved States >
Hi there guys

I was hoping that you could provide some clarity on a couple of questions
for me please

Background: I've got a massive urge to play UFO: Enemy Unknown (AGA version)
I've gotten it up and running and I'm really enjoying it.

However I'm trying to get a balance between using a speedy Amgia, but
not melting my host PC's CPU.

1. When using the stock A-1200 CPU ('020)
The game works fine, but its running rather slow (much like the original
when I played it on a real Amiga years ago).

2. If I set up a new config, and either use an A-1200 (with an '030 or an
'040) CPU or an A-4000 with an ('040 or an '060) CPU the game flys along

However the trade off is - that after a short time, my host PC's CPU's
fan starts to sound like a Harrier Jump Jet taking off,
and (according to HTOP) It hits 100-117% utilisation !

3. Saved States

If I originally set up an stock A-1200 ('020 CPU)
and play the game for a while, and then save the state.

If I then decide to beef up the same config, with an '030 or an '040 CPU
load this updated config, but then load my previouse saved state.

What CPU am I using ?
The original '020 ?
or the new '030 / '040 from the newest selected config ?

As I was wondering if I could save a state.
improve the spec of the config (faster CPU + more RAM)
load this new config, load a previous saved state,
but retain the more powerful spec of the config.

TIA for any help or advice

Useful information:
Amiga emulator: FS-UAE 2.8.3 (downloaded from Synaptic)

PC details
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
OS type: 64-bit
DE: KDE 5.12.9
Kernel: 4.15.0-99-generic
CPU: 4x Intel Core-2 Q8200 (@2.33 Ghz)

ztronzo 01 December 2020 14:37

Try using both the following 2 options and play with changing the cpu to 68030 etc.


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ztronzo 01 December 2020 14:41

I know some configurations as the machine model rom etc are stored and restored from the state.. you can better use the save option included in the game

once cpu change to a beefier Amiga load the save from within the game
Now you can use the save states again to save

Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk

Noob-tech-ninja 02 December 2020 00:40

Hi ztronzo

Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go, and see what the results are.

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