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AMIGASYSTEM 03 October 2016 22:38

ModExplorer OS3/OS4/MOS/AROS

Author: Jörg Renkert

ModExplorer v3.22: Download

ModExplorer: Software is written to run on Gfx-card based Amigas for OS3, OS4, AROS x86, AROS 68k, MOS e WarpOS.
If your Amiga does not have one, you will need some more software, to get them to run:

- The Hollywood plugin Plananarama, available on: Hollywood download page.
- Guigfx.library, available on Aminet.
- Render.library, available on Aminet.

Also fblit is strongly recommended, to spare some gfx-mem.

If the tools include music or audiofiles, AHI is required, too!

New features in this version:

V3.22 just got some small bugfixes: Sometimes Mods were not opened on startup and you got a systemrequester "File not found". Fixed... ModeExplorer now asks you to update your locales, when new ones exist.

tolkien 04 October 2016 07:17

LookS good! Will try later. Thanks!

Rotzloeffel 06 October 2016 12:39

please remember! This is still BETA !! some problems with 3.x still exists....

But the program is very good :p

tolkien 06 October 2016 13:36

Tried last night and is great! I think it will be my "radio station" while toying in MorphOS! ;)

jPV 06 October 2016 17:36

Cool, I might start listening mods after a long time again :) Tried quickly on MorphOS (my main machine), but I didn't bother to install those extra packs yet, so I only saw the WinAMP styled interface. It was pretty clumsy/unfinished/nonworking, but I saw the potential :) I'll try to install that MUI GUI stuff later, it seems to be more usable.

BTW. what kind of licence it is with AISS? Could you link the used icons to the exe or has it to be fully installed to users' HD? I guess it would be much more comfortable if MUI Royale and AISS icons would be linked to the exe.

tygre 08 October 2016 05:41

Hi AmigaSystem!

Very cool, congrats :cool

Did you program it with Hollywood? (As it uses MUI Royale...)


AMIGASYSTEM 08 October 2016 12:31

MUI Royale you can install but really just the library only "MuiRoyale.hwp", see in the screenshot path, for the rest just follow these guidelines mentioned below. You can also use it without MUI/AISS using the WinAMP Skins.

- Copied The AISS images in SYS:Classes/ToolBarImage/Default
- Assign TBImages: SYS:Classes/ToolBarImage/Default
- ASSIGN TBImages: SYS:Classes/ToolbarImages/Contrib/ ADD
- File Script AISS (Assign) copy in WBStartup Folder

ModExplorer Version MUI require:


ModExplorer Version AGA:


- I hope my translation is understandable :D

AMIGASYSTEM 08 October 2016 22:13

Tested ModExplorer on OS4.1 emulated on WinUAE and the GUI it's perfect, Also the sounds are good and those in local that the server Aminet. Small problem after listening to Modland modules.pl, Output appears to be a crash, but this can depend on my emulator configuration.


AMIGASYSTEM 28 October 2016 14:25

New version of Mod Explorer, The application platform is available for AROS, OS3, OS4 e MOS. This new release Stand-alone to work seems to have no need to install additional software like in the previous version

Download ModExplorer v1.0

honx 29 October 2016 13:34

in contrast to AmiModRadio this ModExplorer here is at least playing modules and only crashes when i quit the program.
but winamp interface doesn't work well. no working elapsed time display, not possible to pick another source for modules.
what source is predefined? aminet or anything else? can't tell, can't change it either. for "1.0" it seems very unfinished.
but big pro i mentioned already: it's at least playing modules from the internet... a big step ahead after AmiModRadio...

AMIGASYSTEM 29 October 2016 14:36


Originally Posted by honx (Post 1119402)
in contrast to AmiModRadio this ModExplorer here is at least playing modules and only crashes when i quit the program.

I on AFA OS i have no crashes, do not mix the data of the two versions, install the new clean version. To avoid strange noises coming out of the ModExplorer first press button stop music.

honx 29 October 2016 18:13

i don't mix anything. modexplorer and amimodradio are located in completely different folders.
and i have downloaded the one version of modexplorer from your post. so it should be latest.
as i said it is playing modules but winamp interface from modexplorer doesn't work very good.
about crash: as long as it only happens on quitting the program, it's quite meh.

AMIGASYSTEM 29 October 2016 21:13

Ciao honx, i said not to mix the data of the two versions ofModExplorer.
To me I do not hang anything on AFA OS, look at my attached video

WinUAE: AFA OS Amiga Mod Player

honx 29 October 2016 21:21

i didn't mix to versions of ModExplorer either. i downloaded the latest one.
from the post you linked in here. that's the only version of ModExplorer.
if this one is mixed, then it wasn't me. i just downloaded and extracted it.
want this window shown in your video at 1:10mins onwards, how to open it?
and i only have amigaos, not afa os.

AMIGASYSTEM 29 October 2016 22:06


window shown in your video at 1:10 it is the old version ;)
Everything depends on how you set the tooltypes which it will be automatically modified when changing from MUI to Skin :)

honx 29 October 2016 22:49

for using mui, i need to install all this other crap, right?

AMIGASYSTEM 29 October 2016 23:06

Yes, still I have not "other crap" are things that you will find them to other modern applications.

Retrofan 29 October 2016 23:33


Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1119174)
New version of Mod Explorer, The application platform is available for AROS, OS3, OS4 e MOS. This new release Stand-alone to work seems to have no need to install additional software like in the previous version

Download ModExplorer v1.0

Thanks a lot, it can be a good player. It needs Plananarama to work with AGA, but it's very buggy with that. It doesn't keep the Playlist window or its hard (Edit: Well, it has been saved after some tryings), it is difficult to close the program after playing a song and it likes to change the tools by itself in the icon.info.

Edit: To use it with AGA download and install the Plananarama pluging from here http://hollywood-mal.de/download.html and edit the icon info of the player and add "REQUIREPLUGINS=Plananarama"

AMIGASYSTEM 29 October 2016 23:41

Ciao Retrofan, I of AFA OS I have no problem in closing, maybe this happens on AMiGA not powerful, now I do some testing on a less powerful Amiga OS. Regarding the playlist I did not understand the problem. You may report these anomalies author but I do not know who ?

Retrofan 29 October 2016 23:52

It's not powerful or not, maybe it has to be difficult to implement the use of the new Plananarama plugin for AGA. Just try it on AGA, it doesn't matter a 030 or PPC on WinUAE, all will run at the same speed (unless you have cycle exact).

I see what you say about the author. It's really rare that there isn't a single readme or reference about the author.

But I guess you'll find who's him ;)

Edit: Well, it has taken 2 seconds: http://www.amigafuture.de/viewtopic.php?t=40958 The author is Joerg Renkert.

A1k thread: http://www.a1k.org/forum/showthread....790#post985790

The main problem I see is that it doesn't close using Plananarama.

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