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andreas 14 April 2003 21:31

Seconds out [cr AXXESS]
That must be a rare one.

The game 'Seconds Out' by Tynesoft isn't that rare, but the AXXESS crack is!
There's an intro out there that corresponds to the game in TOSEC demos DAT (only works with KS 1.2 [33.180] and 512K Chip RAM only, confirmed on real thing!)

Does anyone have this special crack with this intro?

NOB 14 September 2005 11:50

Axxess crack
Searching for the word "Axxess" through the forum i´ve found this old thread.(Cool)

I have made ADFs of these (old) ones:
Battleships[cr Axxess](with cool Amegas? music)

Jet[Deltaforce Hotline] (must be one of there first releases)
Larrie and the Robbery of the Ardies[cr TKT-BS1](super old cracktro)
Skychase[cr Ackerlight]
Volleyball_simulator[Megatron](Hangs up in UAE)
Tracers v1.0(1988)[cr BS1-TKT]

Most of them need kick 1.2.
If they are needed let me know and i will upload them to the Zone!

BippyM 14 September 2005 12:14

if they are rare up them man :D

BippyM 14 September 2005 14:08

well I did a scan of my files and I have a few files with axxess in.. unfortunatey if any of their intro's etc are compressed the scan wont have found them :(

I'll do some other searches soon :D

NOB 14 September 2005 17:13


Originally Posted by bippym
if they are rare up them man :D

I don´t know if they are rare, but i have upped them!:D

BippyM 14 September 2005 17:17

Cool I'll check them a little later :D

Cheers dude

Toni Wilen 14 September 2005 18:08

Volleyball_simulator[Megatron] works in cycle-exact mode.

NOB 14 September 2005 19:58


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
Volleyball_simulator[Megatron] works in cycle-exact mode.

Thanks, Toni.I will check this.

ultra 10 December 2005 19:34

he... this is funny... just came here by google... didn't expected someone is searching one of my cracked games / intros ;))

by the way... i'm still searching one of my intros...
i have:
seconds out
return to genesis
world darts...
battle ships speach version

but one is missing... (so far i remember)... there was one with crytal hammer music (i don't mean that one from seconds out) there was one with 3 sine shifted axxess with two scrollers (with coder colors ;) blue and red so far i remember)... if someone has it...would be great to get it again ;)

ultra / ex axxess... (damn that's long ago)

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