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emufan 17 September 2017 16:54

camd & MidiPrefs
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I dont understand the camd/MidiPrefs stuff.
playing with a midi sequencer which uses camd, I'm not able to squeese some
sounds to VirtualMidiSynth.
it does not even start the windows based midi thing, while it does with Music-X for example,
which does not use camd.library.

3.System:> version Libs/camd.library
camd.library 40.4

3.System:> version Prefs/MidiPorts
MIDIPortPrefs 1.0

3.System:> ls -l Devs/midi/
-----rwed  93-04-23 14:58:10    3    1060 checkpoint
-----rwed  90-07-05 16:31:37    2      988 internal
-----rwed  89-02-27 22:24:24    6    2868 MIDI-IO
-----rwed  01-07-28 08:30:28    8    3784 mmp
-----rwed  93-04-23 14:58:08    3    1252 OneStopMusicShop
-----rwed  16-05-03 12:30:16    5    2516 xphantom

and MidiPrefs looks allways the same - I select the internal, save, but after restart, nothing selected.
already deleted envarc:sys/midi.prefs - makes no diff.
should it list all the devices in devs:midi?

#1) tested with DeluxeMusic 2.0 and Camouflage 2.40 - I cannot convince them playing :/

Mad-Matt 17 September 2017 19:14

midiportprefs could be the problem. you could try deleting env-archive/sys/midi.prefs and letting DM2 use its own setting which does work. Setting eith of the internal drivers in midiport prefs didn't seem to work and selecting uaemidi just seemed to cause the amiga side to lock up.

emufan 17 September 2017 20:04

i removed midi.prefs, makes no difference :/

I found uaemidi - using archive.org - from old NSM website.
camd 40.5 on aminet

do you have anything listed in your MidiPrefs from devs:midi?

Mad-Matt 17 September 2017 20:20

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only internal and uaemidi show up.

Maybe there is a reason I'm using an older version of camd which I cant't remember. I will update and see if it causes a problem.

Edit: Seems to be it. Dm2 would not play midi through the opensource camd.lib and no external drivers show up in MidiPorts prefs.

emufan 17 September 2017 20:33


Originally Posted by Mad-Matt (Post 1185490)
Edit: Seems to be it. Dm2 would not play midi through the opensource camd.lib and no external drivers show up in MidiPorts prefs.

yes, can confirm this, using camd.library 37.3 I get all the stuff listed from devs:midi in MidiPorts prefs tool :)

#1) using uaemidi , DM2 does now start the windows midi mapper VirtualMidiSynth,
plays some sound, but locks up - as you said above :spin

Mad-Matt 17 September 2017 20:45

Without saving a prefs file with midiports, (and using v37 camd.lib) DM2 is working as expected with virtual midi using whatever its internal/default setting wants.

emufan 17 September 2017 20:48

hmm, wanted to change settings with MidiPorts, now it does not save the prefs anymore. :guru
will try what you said.

#1) does not work here, i see it playing notes, but does not start the windows midi mapper,
unlike uaemdi did before, but now nothing works.
removed midi.prefs , have internal serial, internal and uaemidi as available listed.
now i cannot select uaemidi anymore so it does not even play-crash anymore, great ...

#2) success.
deleted envarc:sys/midi.prefs
devs:midi has internal and uaemidi

start DM2 and select in Settings Midi -> out.0 and in.0

and it does now play the midi file :spin

#3) record does not work, using midi yoke. i guess the record button is next to the play button?
cannot see anything coming in. but play at least does work.

#4) camouflage 2.40 does work also with camd.library v37 - using in.0 and out.0

thanks for assistance :)

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