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FrodeSolheim 30 April 2013 17:42

fs-uae.net - New home page for FS-UAE
I have registered a new/separate domain name for FS-UAE: fs-uae.net. Since the website address now looks more professional, I expect a great increase in revenue :cheese Well, joke aside. it does look at bit more professional anyway :)

The new home for FS-UAE is: http://fs-uae.net (and the download page is at http://fs-uae.net/download, etc).

http://fengestad.no/fs-uae/<anything> will redirect to http://fs-uae.net/<anything> for the foreseeable future (possibly forever), but if you do have permanent links to the FS-UAE home page / download page on your web site, I would appreciate it if you would update those links (either now, a bit later, or at least eventually :)). Please also let me know if you find a old URL which is not redirected properly.

Of course, this is just a URL change for the project site, the official forums will still be here on EAB as usual :)

yesplease 30 April 2013 18:16

hey frode, it does look super professional ! Cool. 8-)

lesta_smsc 30 April 2013 20:58

Well done... ah it's like watching a baby grow lol

Kitty 30 April 2013 22:50

Excellent FrodeSolheim, congrats :)

I have my i5 quad setup fully now so I think I will be trying out your emulator tommorrow. I'll probably have lots of question threads for you very soon :lol

John Pillow 01 May 2013 11:10

Congrats Frode :-)

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