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Galaxy 09 April 2007 01:41

Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper Subscriber disks
A couple of years ago I put out a request for Amiga Format subscriber disks

We now have most of these in AMR. I was wondering if anyone here still has originals of these disks and also copies of the Backstage newsletter that came with them.

Also, Amiga Shopper apparently also came with subs disks (may be the same). We are missing all of these so any info would be gratefully accepted.

alexh 09 April 2007 10:19

I have some of the AF ones, I was a subscriber from issue 16 to issue 52.

The disks I know where they are... the sheets of paper... I think.... I think I either binned them or they are inserted in the mags they came with.

They were totally chaff so I think I binned them.

What do you want from me?

Galaxy 09 April 2007 10:38

Whatever you come across I guess. It'd be nice to get those backstage things up with the disks for completeness even if they are crap.

Also be nice to get diskscans of the subs disks (we don't have any scans). It's a shame it was so bloody expensive to subscribe from Australia - i bought every issue from 16 to about 90 then odds and ends after that but not via subscription so I missed out on the subs disks...

Gerry 09 April 2007 15:58


I bought a disk box with Amiga Format cover disks from Ebay a month ago. I could offer scans of the Amiga Format Subscriber's Superdisk 72-111. Some of the disks are still sealed in plastic foil.


kriz 09 April 2007 16:23

I have the last Amiga Format Subscriber disks. I will check on friday when im at my parents place.

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