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Anakirob 01 December 2005 01:52

EASIEST strategy game ever
I like games, though I am no longer addicted.
I also like a challenge.
I prefer fast paced games which test my reflexes.
But turn based strategy games tend to provide the most longevity. Even the easy ones.
But what I want to know is.
vote or comment please.


easiest strategies for me:

1. Megalomania
2. Colonial Conquest
3. Dune II
4. othello :D (any version:^) I wouldn't waste my time without a human opponent!

Dizzy 01 December 2005 03:34

sorry to say so, but polls where you vote for best/worst/easiest etc need to have the option:
Other game (please specify in thread)

If I find another game easier than the one stated I can't vote :(

Anakirob 01 December 2005 04:56

If you find a game that's easier then you should name it in your forum post. Duh!

BippyM 01 December 2005 08:43

Poll edited

I really don't see the point in this poll!!

It is pretty much the same as the HARDEST STRATEGY GAME poll with the same options!!

Persoanlly I'd take the game with the least votes in the other poll as being the easiest!

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